Brushless In-Line 5.0 Spur Gear Pump with Variable Speed Controller 11196

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P/N 11196: Brushless In-Line 5.0 Spur Gear Pump w/ Variable Speed Controller Supports Fuel injected engines: up to 3400 FWHP – naturally aspirated up to 2600 FWHP – forced air induction Carbureted engines: Up to 3600 FWHP – naturally aspirated Up to 2700 FWHP – forced air induction E85 Compatible, reduce max FWHP by 30% Lighter than the traditional external mount pumps. Reduced current draw at higher, EFI pressures. Extended service life in methanol and ethanol. New integral spur-gear pumping mechanism. 90-PSI continuous operating pressure and up to 150-PSI peak pressure, base plus boost. Integral, external brushless controller for clean installation, cooler fuel and enhanced reliability. ORB-12 inlet and ORB-10 outlet ports. Requires straight 12-VDC to 16-VDC power supply. Not compatible with pulse modulated systems or fuel pump speed controllers. Aeromotive’s True Variable Speed Controller offers the advantages of built-in pump speed control via a dedicated 0-5V analog DC input signal. The Controller capitalizes on our existing brushless technology by reducing fuel flow during low engine demand and decreasing an already low current draw, therefore minimizing both motor heat the introduction of environmental via reduced fuel recycling. EFI Rated flow of 1,700 lbs./hr. @ 40 psi, 13.5 volts Carb Rated Flow of 1,850 lbs./hr. @ 9 psi, 13.5 volts