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Specs: 251/266 .63X"/.595" 112+4


This camshaft is the result of years of back to back testing on 400+ cubic inch engines, mostly using TFS cathedral port heads and Mast intake. The intake lobe made 15 rwhp more than the same exact duration Comp LSL intake lobe, and also made as much power as a Comp intake lobe with around .680" lift. It made more power in back to back testing compared to a cam from another leading cam company as well. So to say that this cam has been rung out, is an understatement.

This cam generally runs in the 5.30's-5.50's in the 1/8 mile in a 3000+ lb chassis and has run as fast as 5.10'-5.20's using the same TFS 245 heads and Mast intake.

Since this cam utilizes ultra stable lobes, it will turn 7500 rpm with our Platinum .660" lift springs (SK001/SP001).  Using our .685" lift springs (SP010-16) springs shimmed to 1.700" it can turn 8000 rpm.  

Good lifters should be used like the Comp or Johnson short travel and stock rockers.  Roller rockers will NOT turn as much RPM as the stock rockers will.

Most cam gurus claim .595" isn't enough lift for a nitrous cam, but back to back testing has shown otherwise, with increased exhaust lift showing no gains in power. This cam has gained 400 rwhp on a 300 shot of nitrous utilizing TFS 245 heads with the N2O exhaust port.