VSR Gen3 50mm Wastegate

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DESCRIPTION ADDITIONAL INFORMATION REVIEWS (0) VSRacing Gen3 50mm Wastegate PN VSR50WGD The revised next generation utilizes a new piston design which has even greater c02 and boost control stability with dome pressure. Quick and easy access to change springs with v-band top hat. Wastegate Top Cap Finish: Black anodized Wastegate Base Material: Cast stainless steel Notes: This unit will come with two springs pre-installed which are 4 and 6psi for combined 10psi out of the box. This unit also is equipped with 2 upper airports and 2 lower airports for ease of installation and configuration with a dome pressure sensor. Inlet Flange 2″ pipe Outlet Flange 2″ pipe All hardware is included Instructions for use Please note that you should always make sure to install your fire ring in the base of the gate. Without the fire ring you will create a leak between the v-band and WG flange. If you are using spring pressure – Hook you pressure source incoming usually from turbo to bottom port. You will have 2 ports to select from choose based on your best location and cap the other port. Leave one hole vented on the top and cap the other port. Electronic/Dome Pressure setup If you are using a solenoid, you will tee your input to the bottom port coming from your pressure source and the other port will be capped. Output of your solenoid will go to one of the top ports. You will cap the other top port if not being used for a dome pressure sensor.